Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shoebox Finishes

I just cannot resist making a little handmade for the Shoeboxes we fill for Operation Christmas Child.  The girl box has a handmade doll blanket in her baby's shoebox cradle.  While the boy box has a handmade frog trying to escape!  The frog is a free tried and true pattern from the archives of Purl Soho.  I only pray that the children who receive these boxes experience part of the joy I had making them!  They are feel good Friday Finishes!  Jessica Pearl

Saturday, October 18, 2014


I went to the Goatfeathers Studio trunk show yesterday.  It was held at the annual Stephen Foster Quilt Show.  The Goat Sisters were a hoot and inspiration to boot!  I was inspired to make this multimedia necklace.                                  I  am really drawn to novelty of late.  I bagged a patchwork rhino at HomeGoods.  He was very lonely  when I brought him home.  I did not exactly know what to group him with.  After searching, I came up with a chalkboard on which I drew antlers and a pair of binoculars.                                           Now if I could just be inspired to address dust and dirty laundry.  Grime is just not very charming!  Jessica Pearl

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tempted by Tula

I have lots to do but I keep finding distractions!  Like Tula, block #6.  I wish I had chosen more contrast.  A good excuse to make another!  

Annual Library Book Sale, another rabbit hole!  I did find a nice stack of vintage crafty goodness for less than a dollar  each.

Recipe hunting calorie friendly meals.  I made skinny spaghetti last night with cabbage instead of pasta!  I liked it! 

I really must get to work.  Ta ta, Tula!  Jessica Pearl