Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Snails Quilt Faster

2 more Farmer's Wife blocks!  The friendship star in gingham and polka dots. And the calico puzzle in Lizzy House fabrics.  If I were to go any slower, I would be sewing in reverse!
Playing with bobs and bits is happening more frequently around here.  I can super glue at lightening speed.  I adhered French General accents to bobby pins for some fun hair accessories.  I feel a tad dizzy whether from my fierce movement or the glue fumes... Taking a break to bee social!  Jessica Pearl

Monday, February 24, 2014

10 & Thrift

It's my favorite game, take $10 or whatever change left me by the laundry fairies and see what I can find in my favorite local thrift.  Hospice Attic in Lake City is my closest go to thrift.  Saturday, I had a 10 and a yen for thrift!  Here's what I found-
A silk + linen blouse $1
A vintage beetle scarf 50 cents
Walking shorts $1.49 ( for walking Houston, this girl is going to Tx!  Are you ready, Shannon B?!)
Linen pants + patchwork vest $2.50 ( I may repurpose this fabric, it looks very French General to me!)
Crewel pillow $1.49 (repurpose project)
Man's shirt soon to be an apron $1
Handmade bag $1
And change for next time!  Shopping, it maybe my only true talent.  Thanks, Mom!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I am not a jewelry maker but...

Yesterday, I stumbled on a clearance at Michael's.  I found a basket full of jewelry bits from Industrial Chic!  My first creation is this charm bracelet.  I attached the keyboard keys with safety pins.  Hey, I have already clearly stated in the title that I am not a jewelry maker!  However, I do play with bits and bobs!  This old sewing basket turned jewelry craft basket is my newest toy chest!  Playing!  Jessica Pearl

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Star Quilt

I started this quilt at our guild retreat last March.  I found it as I was hunting wip's to pack for this year's retreat!  A giant star quilt of 2 different vintage sheets.  I could say this quilt is soft but nothing I could say to describe it would do it justice! So soft in its cheery floral prints.  I had to finish it quick so that I could enjoy a cuddle on the porch swing.  Thus it was birthed and tied in quick order.  Trust me,  it's a snuggle fest!   Cuddling!  Jessica Pearl