Monday, February 24, 2014

10 & Thrift

It's my favorite game, take $10 or whatever change left me by the laundry fairies and see what I can find in my favorite local thrift.  Hospice Attic in Lake City is my closest go to thrift.  Saturday, I had a 10 and a yen for thrift!  Here's what I found-
A silk + linen blouse $1
A vintage beetle scarf 50 cents
Walking shorts $1.49 ( for walking Houston, this girl is going to Tx!  Are you ready, Shannon B?!)
Linen pants + patchwork vest $2.50 ( I may repurpose this fabric, it looks very French General to me!)
Crewel pillow $1.49 (repurpose project)
Man's shirt soon to be an apron $1
Handmade bag $1
And change for next time!  Shopping, it maybe my only true talent.  Thanks, Mom!  Jessica Pearl


  1. Wow..... what a haul!


  2. A good thrifting day is a fun day. Can't wait to see what new life you give these things :)

  3. You always do so well! I only ever find a toy for the kids. Oh well.