Thursday, January 30, 2014


For each of my Valentines, pj's made from my heart. 

Produce Bag

Whilst I was 'bee'ing social yesterday, I met Letty who is oh so styling the green with her Jane Market bag and coordinating produce bags!  I was inspired to make a bag for my own fruits and veggies!  Letty shares the free produce bag link here
Don't let my homespun dancing radishes embroidered muslin bag turn you off if your market style is so sophisticated.  Visit Letty and you will be amazed how stylish green can be!  Thanks, Letty!  Jessica Pearl

A Shared Workspace

Snow day #2!  We really are working this winter storm in Fl, 2 days off without the snow!  I set out to cut a pj pattern this a.m. and our youngest college boy had already commandeered the kitchen table (aka- garment cutting table) with his laptop!  So I moved out to the pingpong table.  It's a tad chilly out here in the garage but my heart is warm that I still have a child at home to work around!  It reminds of when our oldest college boy was small.  From the time he was 5 years old, he would spread the daily newspaper on the kitchen floor to read.  I had a time working around him but my Mother advised, "Don't say a word!" I never complained and now I think my kitchen floor is way too empty!  Someday my garment cutting table will be too!  Thanks, Mom!   Jessica Pearl

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowball in Florida

Today is a snow day in the sunshine state.  And while we haven't seen any snow, just sleet, I am enjoying some time to quilt.  I was inspired last week at Let's Be Social to revisit the Farmer's Wife quilt that I started in 2011!  So here it is, block #81, 'snowball'.  I can confidently say that I am the first of my FL neighbors to build a snowball today!  Snowball joins the 'box', 'spool' and 'contrary wife'.  That's 3 years in the making, friends!  You think this quilt has a snowball's chance in Florida?!  I am at a clear disadvantage here, I just need more snow days!  Let's be social!  Jessica Pearl

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday Finish, Chief Osceola Edition

Finished this embroidered denim shirt while watching "Captain Phillips" with my guys last night.  Officially ready for Garnet & Gold Denim Banquet!  Jessica Pearl

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Embroidery as Therapy

In preparation for FSU/ Wesley Parent Weekend, I have stitched a few garnet and gold arrows on a denim shirt.  Fits perfectly with weekend's theme!  Embroidery is and always has been great therapy for me!  I would say cheap therapy but that would be a difficult pitch given the amount of funds spent at local craft/stitch stores!  However, this pattern was free @ The only question is whether to add some more stitches. Do I add a tent? A canoe? A Seminole Indian with regal headgear?  Or am I over compensating for my Gator Girl turned Seminole Mom complex?!  Whoa, this is getting heavy!  Is there a shrink in the house or do I just need to buy more thread? Stitching it out! Jessica Pearl

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Buying antique quilt at tag sale- $10.

Picking lemons from tree in backyard.

Squeezing fresh vitamin C in a glass.
Sweeping and laundering.

Next up, sewing!

I love Saturdaying!  Jessica Pearl

Friday, January 17, 2014

Fat Quarter Central

Work is really impeding the creative process around here!  And if we did not have 3 kids in college, I would be tempted to say the heck with it!  Especially, since my Weight Watcher quilting buddies have been sending me lovely fat quarters in the mail throughout my birthday  month.  Such temptation of the cotton variety!  I am attempting to sew the college kids' pajamas that were not sewn for Christmas in time for Valentine's Day.  Here's hoping for a creative little window to open up to Cupid's aim!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday School in Plains, Ga

I attended President Carter's Sunday School in Plains, Ga this a.m.  President Carter spoke passionately of human rights, the worldwide plight of women and a hope for peace in Syria.  President and Mrs. Carter are such an inspiration to me in their Christian example of care and activism.  We sat in the front pew of the church and at one point, President Carter literally and accidentally stepped on my toes.  I had to smile to myself.  As a Methodist, I could have anticipated that someone would step on my toes at some point in the Southern Baptist service and I am so glad that it was President Carter who did!  With a shared Gordy family grin, Jessica Pearl

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bangle Bag

Found this pattern for a bangle bag from a back issue of Stitch while I was cleaning the sewing studio.  I used some favored Michael Miller fabric from the stash and 2 different bangles for the handles.  I think this finished bag is the perfect size for my journal and a few supplies.  Ready to journal on the go!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Journal 2014

Last year I kept journals in spiral notebooks which I have decided makes for a storage issue.  For 2014 I am keeping notes and doodle bits in the same weekly planner. I am deriving much joy and encouragement from a daily doodle and spiritual reflection.  Happy New Year, Friends!  Jessica Pearl

Thrifty 50

Thrifty haul on 1/4/14. Linen pantsuit, Liz Claiborne bag, Vera Bradley belt, and cheater quilt fabric.  All for less than 10 bucks.  Hey, I have always been thrifty but yesterday, I turned 50!  Thrifty, 50 me! Jessica Pearl