Sunday, November 9, 2014

Betsy is Having a Baby!

Betsy was our babysitter when our 3 children were small now she is having her own baby boy.    I am so excited for her and I have hopes and prayers sewn in this wee quilt.  Maybe Betsy will be comforted by its softness in the early days of sleep deprivation.  Maybe her baby boy will drag it around the house by a loop as he learns to walk.  I hope that as a toddler he runs his matchbox cars over it and sugar cookie crumbs fall on it and he naps better if he holds it close.  You will be a wonderful Mother,  Betsy.  I do not hope so, I know so!  Maybe I can babysit?  Quilty hugs!  Jessica Pearl

Many thanks to Serena for the fine fox, the finest in the forest!  Your gift has made my gift extra special!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Things That Keep Me Warm!

It is very cold,very early here in the sunny state of Florida.  Keeping me warm:
1) Happy mail from Serena of blog, Sew Giving!  Just look at this fine fox from down under and the sweet patches!  Love!!!!  Thanks and warm hugs,Serena!!!  Blog friends are the bomb diggity!!!
2) Sewing hand embroideried doilies as elbows patches on thrifted wool jacket.  Handmade adds warmth!
Now to sew a baby quilt with a foxy center! Sewing warmth! Jessica Pearl