Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Care Packages

Yesterday I assembled care packages for all 3 of our children turned adults.  I saw a quilting friend at the post office and she asked if I was mailing quilts.  Unfortunately, not!  But if love can travel in random pieces of 'things that make me think of you' than at least our 3 will know they are missed and cherished beyond measure!  On the sewing front this week, a quilt block and a thrifted linen dress turned crop top trimmed in yo-yo's.   It occurs to me that life is a care package to open and celebrate everyday!  Cheers!  Jessica Pearl

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Bug

I don't believe that I have mentioned here yet but I won a 3 month subscription to Creativebug a few weeks back from Rebecca of Dropcloth.  So many video craft classes, so little time!  With all of the sensory stimulation, I have been bouncing from one creative endeavor to the next.  Although, I did manage a couple of Friday Finishes
1) a pair of thrifted jeans that I hemmed to shorts and added vintage hankies to the worn back pockets.
2) a starburst dropcloth sampler that I won with the classes.  I stitched in a color wheel and documented in my project journal with washi tape.
3) a cotton dress that I hemmed to a mini and added orphan blocks for pockets.

Mostly I have been fixated on a summer wardrobe.  I have lots of quilt plans but I am also stricken with that wonderful Creativebug!  Who knows where the critter will lead me next!  Buggy!  Jessica Pearl

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Skirting

School is out and Summer sewing is in!  Hooray! I have officially opened the season with a few yards of Denyse Schmidt's market basket fabric, vintage tea towels and Simplicity #2224.   Making a splash in a new summer skirt!  Next!  Jessica

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Creative Mess

One of my earliest memories of school is being clad in one of Daddy's work shirts, buttoned in the back for art time.  In Daddy's shirt, I was unleashed to paint and glitter with wild abandon!  Such creative freedom afforded by our fathers' cast offs!  Yearning to recapture some of that spirit, I married 2 thrifted linen shirts to make a new art smock with a pocket fashioned from a sleeve.  I thought that I had 2 men's shirts but in the final analysis, the brown shirt is a woman's.  When I recognized that the buttons were on opposite sides, I started to get bent out of shape about it and then I recalled my 5 year old spirit.  How many times do my adult sensibilities take the fun out of what should be creative play?!  So if you should see me with a paint brush and half open art smock, please excuse my creative mess! Jessica Pearl

Monday, June 2, 2014

What's for dinner?!

For the past 23 years, there has been one question that has haunted me everyday, "What's for dinner?!".  1, 2 or all 3 children ask this question of me everyday, usually upon arising and most definitely before breakfast dishes are even cleared. Now as a mom of 3 kids, I recognize that there does not exist one answer that will please all 3 offspring at the same time.  Hence "What's for dinner?!" is a loaded question requiring not only love and labor but delicate diplomacy! 
Yesterday I did not hear this question all day and I have feared its impending absence as much as I dreaded its routine presence. Tyler, our marketing major in Jacksonville was bowling last night and probably grabbed a burger.  Austin, our summer camp counselor in Leesburg was most likely debating the identity of some mystery meat and grey vegetable matter.  Emily spent her first night in Long Island, NY, sub sandwiches during an orientation agenda.  All 3 are happy and if there were any complaints at all about the offerings on their dinner plates, I am not aware.   Meanwhile, the Mister and I have declared this a summer of endless dating.  Hand in hand, we strolled into Trader Joe's yesterday.  He selected fresh fruit and I grabbed a loaf of organic cinnamon raisin bread.  He did not ask but I felt strangely compelled to answer, "Tonight, peanut butter and apple slices on cinnamon raisin bread with celery sticks on the side.".  He said, "Sounds wonderful!".  Me? I couldn't agree more!  Jessica Pearl