Sunday, September 29, 2013


This is the last day of selfish sewing week.  However, my last day of selfish sewing was Friday.  I came undone with a project that fought me for completion.  The project won.  I will tackle it when I regain strength and perseverance.  I retreated to embroidering a baby quilt for charity.  Handwork is such a comfort after experiencing bobbin woes and fabric fights!

Yesterday we celebrated the life of a friend who passed last weekend.  Dottie was 89 years old.  Her life was dedicated to the least of us, she fought for social justice and supported the arts throughout her years.  Her example continues to inspire me.  Farewell, selfish sewing.  Farewell, selfless Friend.  Jessica Pearl

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quilt Show and Selfish Sew

Jacksonville Quilt Show today with guild friends.  So many beautiful quilts!  And I had a quick project for selfish sewing day #4.  These autumn themed pillows made from purchased tea towels- eat, drink and be scary!  A lotta show and a little sew make for a fun fall day!  Jessica Pearl

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Selfish Quilt

I sewed this wonky little 'plus' quilt top for me!  Selfish?!  You bet!  'Plus', not many people would want her anyway!  Selfish sewing continues! The minus?  Dinner will be late!  Jessica Pearl

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Selfish Sewing Week

I have been looking forward to this week of selfish sewing!  The concept is to take a little time each day to sew something.  Selfish?  Maybe, but just maybe our homes are happier places when we take time to indulge our sewing bliss!  Today's project is Pinterest inspired.  A thrifted shirt that I purchased last week because I was on a garnet mission.  But guess what?  Otherwise, I really do not like this shirt.  I decided to embellish with a bandana.  This sewing project was quick, done after the school/ work day and before time for dinner preparations.  Now, I LOVE this shirt!  Selfish Sewing, take me away!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, September 22, 2013

College Game Day Lessons

Lessons from college football :1) Never and we mean never say never! 2) The team you cheer on the field matters far less than the team you cheer with in the stands. 3) Rain ponchos are for sissies, namely, Mom. 4) In life, there's only one team that will always have your back and we spell that team's name, F-A-M-I-L-Y! 5) High fives among loved ones are still the sweetest celebrations. Go Team! From L to R- Tyler, Emily, Austin, John and Jessica Pearl

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Day after Thrifty Thursday

I went in search of Seminole gear at the thrift store today.  I bought a solid garnet shirt for me and a very nice FSU shirt for Emily, tags still on it!  I also found these  Country Stitch Monthly magazines with beautiful and timeless designs.  They were 2.50 an issue back in 1988 and I remember how dear that price seemed.  I was a newlywed with a hubby in grad school!  Today they were 25 cents each and this mom of 3 college kids jumped on them!   I made Emily a bouquet in a thrifted tin for her door, stitched up a Go Noles saying just to make it clear who the home team is at Leslie and Emily's doorstep.  I had a 10 dollar off coupon so I paid a grand total of 52 cents for all of this loot.  Thrifty Garnet and Gold!  Jessica Pearl

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Seminole Mum, Gator Alum

This Thrifty Thursday has me pondering Garnet and Gold.  I am a 1987 graduate of the University of Florida and if you cut me, I just might bleed orange and blue!  Emily, our Seminole Princess has invited the family to the FSU football game Sat. And I need some FSU gear!  I was pretty sure that I could sew something up.  Upon stash assessment, I had 2 strips of FSU print, about 1 inch by 20 inches each.  Yikes!  What could I create with that tiny bit?!  Shoelaces?  Not enough length for that!  And then I spied some black linen leftover from the wonky cross blocks.  I decided to make an infinity scarf, all raw edges because there is not sufficient fabric for even a hem!  I am not too sure about this finished piece!  The good folks in Tally may question my fashion sense but they cannot question my love for our Seminole Princess!  If Emily approves, I guess I may wear this scarf on Sat and if not, we may go shopping, thrift, of course!  Seminole Mum, Jessica Pearl

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wonky in Progress

Our quilt guild had a day retreat today.  I had sent out a guild wide e-mail request for a 8 1/2 " square ruler.  I do not have one and the wonky cross block that I am working on requires it.  I just knew someone in the guild would have one and be kind enough to lend it!  Upon entering the door today, I was greeted with shouts all over the room,  "Hey, Pearl!  I got that ruler for you!".   Suffice it to say, MOST quilters in the Lady of the Lake quilting guild own a 8 1/2 " square ruler AND furthermore, are willing to share with me.  I feel rich beyond measure!  Thank you, dear friends!  I enjoyed laughing, sharing and stitching with you today.  Here are 26 blocks trimmed to 8 1/2 inches.  Wonky in progress!  Jessica Pearl

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thrifty Thursday, Portable Art Issue

I found this wood woven picnic basket yesterday, 2.00.  Decided it needed a liner so I sewed 3 bandanas (thanks, AA!)  Stitched pockets on each end.  I now have space inside and out to carry art supplies- sketchbook, needle, floss, muslin and misc. artsy bits for when the mood strikes!

Also found a vintage poncho, 1.50;  assorted seam binding, .49 and a Relic handbag, 1.50.  Nifty thrifty!  Jessica Pearl

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My First Quilt

In the process of getting some girly girl time, I have been roped into a blog party!  We girls like to talk about our firsts!  This quilt sampler was my first!  A big shout out to Gay K who walked me through this from start of  Jan 06 until finish April 07.  Gay is still my friend, aren't you, Gay?!  Hello, Gay!  Oh, that's right!  Gay is on a quilting cruise to Alaska presently and I am NOT speaking to her!  Just kidding!  Come home, Gay!  I call this quilt, School Girl Sampler.  I learned that I never, ever want to piece another lover's knot, piecing curves is very difficult on a friendship!  Luckily, with quilting friends, mending is always possible!  As I am sure Gay will attest to as soon as she returns!  Celebrating this first and all the rest!
  Jessica Pearl

My Current Obessions

Well, this week of pinning has yielded this great idea for embroidery floss storage.  I am truly excited about this one!  My tangled drawer of DMC is getting a makeover!  Now, you maybe saying to yourselves, "Whatever!  This crazy empty nester with her clothespins and Pinterest account needs to get a life!".  In reality, I think the effects of living in a testosterone driven household are getting to me!  Nobody wants to watch Gilmore Girls ad nauseam or ridicule fashion mishaps on Project Runway!  At the moment, pins are the only things separating me from cavemen!  Grabbing another clothespin and linking to Sew Cute Tuesday for some girl time.  Jessica Pearl

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Sitting in a church pew last night with my Mister,  feeling a sense of profound loss that I had no words to describe.  The speaker spoke of loneliness, which he described as a feeling of missing someone or something that is no longer the same part of our lives.  I had never thought of loneliness in those terms.  But as I looked at the once full pew my husband and I shared, I was lonely.  For so many years, we had babies to soothe and then toddlers to sit on and next children to occupy, and lastly teens to nurture into adults.  I was lonely and yet this man that  I have shared everything  alongside for the last 26+ years was sitting next to me and I thought , I know exactly what he is feeling. I laid my head on his shoulder for the remainder of the service and found much comfort there.  Jessica Pearl

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Play Date

Completed this quilt out of a Moda panel and some coordinates.  I fashioned a pocket to hold the clothes which I backed in felt before quilting.  I bought the fabric on a Mystery Trip with quilt guild friends, a few years back.  Some friends purchased the prints  to make quilts for grandchildren or nieces.  I made this one for me!  There, I said it!  But I do share and play well with others who never outgrew a love for paper dolls.  We could arrange a play date!  Linking to Finish it up Friday!  Jessica Pearl

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


This idea from Stitched Gifts, by Jessica Marquez is brilliant and sew easy!  I placed linen in an embroidery hoop and stitched the corners of this sweet picture with black DMC floss for that old school photo corners look.  You may call the couple in the photo adorable, I just call them Mom and Dad!  I will agree, they are adorable- just don't tell Dad I said it!  Also coming up this Twos-day, yoga date night with my handsome Mister! I'll be looking forward to that date all day long. Hooping this project and linking it up on Sew Cute Tuesday. Happy Twosday, Everyone!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, September 1, 2013