Thursday, September 19, 2013

Seminole Mum, Gator Alum

This Thrifty Thursday has me pondering Garnet and Gold.  I am a 1987 graduate of the University of Florida and if you cut me, I just might bleed orange and blue!  Emily, our Seminole Princess has invited the family to the FSU football game Sat. And I need some FSU gear!  I was pretty sure that I could sew something up.  Upon stash assessment, I had 2 strips of FSU print, about 1 inch by 20 inches each.  Yikes!  What could I create with that tiny bit?!  Shoelaces?  Not enough length for that!  And then I spied some black linen leftover from the wonky cross blocks.  I decided to make an infinity scarf, all raw edges because there is not sufficient fabric for even a hem!  I am not too sure about this finished piece!  The good folks in Tally may question my fashion sense but they cannot question my love for our Seminole Princess!  If Emily approves, I guess I may wear this scarf on Sat and if not, we may go shopping, thrift, of course!  Seminole Mum, Jessica Pearl


  1. Jessica Pearl in garnet and gold.......wonders never cease!!! Go Noles!!!


    1. GAY! Speaking of wonders, I was beginning to think your cruise ship hit an iceberg! Have you thawed yet?!

    2. You know life is just SO full that I hardly have time to thinK....yeah, right! Just exhaustion, company, drs. appts. and Do Da! Old ladies can just move so fast!!
      Really missed the Retreat but had to make decisions and choices...dr. came 1st!