Saturday, November 30, 2013

Not So Black Friday

Stitched doodle embroidery in my pajamas until 1 pm. Thrifted fabric and crafty goodies in the afternoon.  Live bluegrass and pizza at Satchel's for our family nightlife. Black Friday? A perfect Friday by any name in my book!  Jessica Pearl

Monday, November 25, 2013

True Colors

I made this scarf out of recycled UF t-shirts that belonged to my Mother-in-law and one of my own.  I was thinking as I made it that orange and blue are my true colors.  When I was a student at UF in the mid 80's , the student body had a tradition of singing as we left the stadium on game day, " it's great to be a Florida Gator!"  We college students had joy that was not dependent on a game score or bank account, a truly beautiful thing!  And so I really hope those are my true, truest colors- joy and thanksgiving!   Cause it's just great to be, period!  May you wear this season of gratitude and find its just your color!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thrifty Tie Ons

Scarves have been some of my latest thrifty finds.  And since I love to tie one on, I have been unable to resist the lure of a new and versatile accessory at less than a buck a piece.  This first one is so fabulous, a Chico's design, very trendy!  And then there is this Ann Taylor, quite classic.  The last one did not have a designer name attached but I thought it looked very FSU Seminole Princess like.  I immediately thought of my Emily but I have not mailed it to her yet and my fondness for it grows.  Emily, if you are reading this post, you best claim this thrifty prize and quick!  Tying several on! Jessica Pearl

Monday, November 11, 2013

Homespun and Done

12 Days of Christmas panel pieced and quilted, plainly and simply.  It's quite folksy and I think perfect for the birthday celebration of the King of Kings born in a lowly manger.  Love has come!  Jessica Pearl

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inspired Thrift

I headed out this morning with 7 dollars in quarters in my pocket to thrifty yard sales sponsored by our local women's club and Episcopal church.  Not really expecting to find anything as it was the last day of sales for both of these events.   However, I am thrilled with the day's thrifty finds. 
- a pile of embroidery and journal inspiration or am I the only one who thinks it would be cool to embroider a neuro synapse from this old Anatomy and Physiology Nursing  school text?!
-2 beautiful dresses with tags still on
- a pair of leather LL Bean sandals, like new; 3 pairs of jeans; vintage scarves and a huge bag of sweet vintage bridge tallies.  I don't play bridge but I think I should start! Oh, I have 1 dollar and 25 cents leftover in change for the next time.
Thrifty Thrilled!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, November 3, 2013

WW Picnic Quilt

These 2 squares represent pounds #26 and #27 lost!  Grow little picnic quilt, grow!  Jessica Pearl

Dressing On The Side

Yesterday I met a fellow quilting friend from Weight Watchers Online, Suzy and her husband at my local quilt shop in Lake City, Fl (Fabric Art Shop).  Over lunch, Suzy got me caught up on my other WW quilting friends from around the country!  We ordered unlimited soup and salad.  Before ordering, Suzy turned to ask me if "dressing on the side" was ok.  Of course, Suzy!  For those of you not acquainted with WW, "dressing on the side" is our mantra!  See the darling embroidered sign that Suzy made me for my sewing room? Love it!  Shout out to all my quilting WW buddies for being so sweet and lovable! Looked at the scale this a.m. And I have lost some more weight, yay!  Keeping it on the side!  Jessica Pearl