Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inspired Thrift

I headed out this morning with 7 dollars in quarters in my pocket to thrifty yard sales sponsored by our local women's club and Episcopal church.  Not really expecting to find anything as it was the last day of sales for both of these events.   However, I am thrilled with the day's thrifty finds. 
- a pile of embroidery and journal inspiration or am I the only one who thinks it would be cool to embroider a neuro synapse from this old Anatomy and Physiology Nursing  school text?!
-2 beautiful dresses with tags still on
- a pair of leather LL Bean sandals, like new; 3 pairs of jeans; vintage scarves and a huge bag of sweet vintage bridge tallies.  I don't play bridge but I think I should start! Oh, I have 1 dollar and 25 cents leftover in change for the next time.
Thrifty Thrilled!  Jessica Pearl


  1. Sore!!! That was an amazing haul and i can't believe you have money left over!!!

  2. Wow. Nice haul! That sure would be a fun embroidery project...clever.

  3. Great finds! One of my girls would love an embroidery of the neuro synapse! She's into all things science and wants to do something in that field when she grows up. I'm hoping that blossoms!