Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Right on Time!

I received the most lovely parcel from Sally of Wonky Patchwork on Monday!  Just look at all of this vintage, handmade goodness!  I was feeling blue before its arrival but as soon as I wrapped myself in this cheerful apron, I felt I was wearing a warm hug!  Today, I took a few of the vintage buttons without shanks and superglued them to a 98 cent pair of Zories. Love these for style around the water's edge!  I hope that you can see Sally that your gift was NOT late!  It was right on time from your handmade upcycling heart right into mine!  THANKS!!!  xxx! Jessica Pearl

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Grandmother's Bible

This is my Grandmother's Bible.  She wrote in it, mostly in blue ink and mostly in the Psalms.  I am so grateful that she did!  Because I have this record of my Grandmother's time in the Word.  I can hear her cries in the Psalmist's and I can feel the same comfort that she experienced in her darkest days.  For many years this Bible has been left on the shelf, essentially unchanged.  I have 'kept' it.  Recently, I have started drawing, art journaling in Grandmother's Bible.  I know this may seem strange to others, drawing in any book much less a Bible!  But I believe that my Grandmother was changed by its pages, she interacted with its words.  She left me physical evidence of that truth.  I believe she is happy that I am drawing on the same pages!  Future generations may learn that I was changed by the markings that I leave!  Drawing Strength!  Jessica Pearl