Sunday, April 26, 2015

Works in Progress

Indigo workshop with Fiber Muse was a blast!  My favorite photo bombing friend, Merri was in rare form!   Now, the challenge is to make something from the dyed pieces. Thinking,thinking...  
'Plus' blocks are living on cutting table and I assemble as I have a few moments for sew therapy. I am attempting not to start new projects while I finish these!  Even as I write this, I am thinking who do I think I am?!  A girl who loves starting must learn to finish!  I am my biggest work in progress!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Has Broken!

Such a great Spring Break!  One quilt show "And Still We Rise", 2 quilt shops and 3 completed projects: my Alabama Chanin poncho, a new tunic and a clean sewing studio.  Plus lots of family and so very many blessings!  Spring has broken and revealed the beauty of Easter!  Spring Blessings Everyone!!! Jessica Pearl