Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Green Christmas

Washi tape, sticks, newspaper and rosemary.  Simple gifts are the happiest!  Merry Christmas!  Jessica Pearl

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pedaling Joy

Learning to treadle on Great Grandmother's Singer.  Joy!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas PJ's and the Busy Elf

Tis the season to cut into vintage sheets and sew up Christmas pajamas for our 3 good and grown children.  Simplicity 9871 is my go to pj pattern.  I ho,ho,hope there's time to get to these!  Jessica Pearl

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Butterick B5959

View A completed.  Smitten Quite, Jessica Pearl

Wooly Bully

I have collected wool garments off of the 50 cent rack at thrift stores for years and I do not encounter much competition for these items here in Florida, go figure?!  I have felted the pieces as I acquire them.  Today, I can't believe the accumulation!  Enter Butterick B5959.  A patchwork cape in progress. View A or bust!  Jessica Pearl

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Friday Finish

A simple 9 patch with doodle embroidery baby quilt on display with my good friends, the Raggedy's.  The fabric was all purchased from a guild sale at our annual quilt show. I bought all of the precut flour sack and I was piggy with the polka dots as well.  I love my quilty friends and their sunny discards.  In turn, I hope this little bit of quilty sunshine will be a blessing to someone's babe in arms.  Everyone needs a little sunshine.  Jessica Pearl

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Repurpose Holiday

Decorating with just a touch of Christmas this year.  No tree.  Just a few Christmas quilts, handmade stockings and manger scenes scattered about.  Also repurposing a couple items that used to hold candles.  Mainly because I have a checkered past with smoke alarms.  And our local fire department will be thrilled to know that these items will not he holding open flames this season.  This sconce is holding tea cups with bird seed instead, something for my feathered guests.  And this charming Santa has taken up residence in the sewing room, holding pins and snips.  Although red goes with the season's color story, do not expect to see our fair city's fire engine in our family's drive. Festive and fire safe!  Jessica Pearl

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Not So Black Friday

Stitched doodle embroidery in my pajamas until 1 pm. Thrifted fabric and crafty goodies in the afternoon.  Live bluegrass and pizza at Satchel's for our family nightlife. Black Friday? A perfect Friday by any name in my book!  Jessica Pearl

Monday, November 25, 2013

True Colors

I made this scarf out of recycled UF t-shirts that belonged to my Mother-in-law and one of my own.  I was thinking as I made it that orange and blue are my true colors.  When I was a student at UF in the mid 80's , the student body had a tradition of singing as we left the stadium on game day, " it's great to be a Florida Gator!"  We college students had joy that was not dependent on a game score or bank account, a truly beautiful thing!  And so I really hope those are my true, truest colors- joy and thanksgiving!   Cause it's just great to be, period!  May you wear this season of gratitude and find its just your color!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thrifty Tie Ons

Scarves have been some of my latest thrifty finds.  And since I love to tie one on, I have been unable to resist the lure of a new and versatile accessory at less than a buck a piece.  This first one is so fabulous, a Chico's design, very trendy!  And then there is this Ann Taylor, quite classic.  The last one did not have a designer name attached but I thought it looked very FSU Seminole Princess like.  I immediately thought of my Emily but I have not mailed it to her yet and my fondness for it grows.  Emily, if you are reading this post, you best claim this thrifty prize and quick!  Tying several on! Jessica Pearl

Monday, November 11, 2013

Homespun and Done

12 Days of Christmas panel pieced and quilted, plainly and simply.  It's quite folksy and I think perfect for the birthday celebration of the King of Kings born in a lowly manger.  Love has come!  Jessica Pearl

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inspired Thrift

I headed out this morning with 7 dollars in quarters in my pocket to thrifty yard sales sponsored by our local women's club and Episcopal church.  Not really expecting to find anything as it was the last day of sales for both of these events.   However, I am thrilled with the day's thrifty finds. 
- a pile of embroidery and journal inspiration or am I the only one who thinks it would be cool to embroider a neuro synapse from this old Anatomy and Physiology Nursing  school text?!
-2 beautiful dresses with tags still on
- a pair of leather LL Bean sandals, like new; 3 pairs of jeans; vintage scarves and a huge bag of sweet vintage bridge tallies.  I don't play bridge but I think I should start! Oh, I have 1 dollar and 25 cents leftover in change for the next time.
Thrifty Thrilled!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, November 3, 2013

WW Picnic Quilt

These 2 squares represent pounds #26 and #27 lost!  Grow little picnic quilt, grow!  Jessica Pearl

Dressing On The Side

Yesterday I met a fellow quilting friend from Weight Watchers Online, Suzy and her husband at my local quilt shop in Lake City, Fl (Fabric Art Shop).  Over lunch, Suzy got me caught up on my other WW quilting friends from around the country!  We ordered unlimited soup and salad.  Before ordering, Suzy turned to ask me if "dressing on the side" was ok.  Of course, Suzy!  For those of you not acquainted with WW, "dressing on the side" is our mantra!  See the darling embroidered sign that Suzy made me for my sewing room? Love it!  Shout out to all my quilting WW buddies for being so sweet and lovable! Looked at the scale this a.m. And I have lost some more weight, yay!  Keeping it on the side!  Jessica Pearl

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Downton's Darlings

Are there any Downton fans visiting here?  I love me some Downton Drama! I am trying to be satisfied as I watch reruns in preparation for the January season opener.  This art to embroider is by April.  I HIGHLY recommend some of April's  Downton character art transfered to a cotton of choice for a little needle love during the repeats.  Your fav character is waiting for purchase and immediate download in her shop.  You can see that I selected the sisters 3 as I am one of 3 sisters myself.  You must pardon Lady Mary, I stitched in a bit of her characteristic stink eye.  We will not say anything about our dearly departed Lady Sybil.  Lady Edith on the other hand is fair game, butter would not melt in her mouth.  Matthew was included in my purchase but given last season's gruesome finale, he remains unstitched.  I would not count Matthew out though.  That dude has had more lives than a cat!  Stitching Downton!  Jessica Pearl

Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekend Necessities

The kids are coming home from college today for the weekend, yay!  I am ready!
Gilmore Girls for Em and I-check! 'Cause when Emily is home, Chicks Rule!
  Slice and bake Toll House cookies- check!  Tyler will want to bake for us.
  Favorite groceries for all 3- check!
  Laundry detergent- check!
They will he packing their appetites and their dirty laundry.  Yep, dirty and hungry and I will be thrilled for the sight of them!  Waiting!  Jessica Pearl

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Christmas Quilt

I was not going to make a Christmas quilt this year until I found this vintage panel at the thrift store with the 12 Days of Christmas.  The panel (1.49) circa 1980's is actually a panel to make a fabric book.   Why not make a quilt with it?!  Well, it took me some time to recognize that each of the intended pages is a slightly different size because its supposed to be a book- duh!  But it is destined to be a quilt in my hands, a very wonky quilt, my specialty!  I love illustrations on this fabric.  The maid a milking and the drummer drumming are a cute pair side by side, no?  Of course, there will be a new Christmas quilt this year!  How many days do I have to finish this one, Lorna?  Making Merry!  Jessica Pearl

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happiest Place

Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs, FL is always a happy place.  This weekend is our guild's annual quilt show held at the park making it THE happiest place!  And after enjoying nature and quilts, I may have gone a little crazy in our guild's boutique.  My final tab was too long for one book receipt, it took  2.  And I won't show you the total haul in one post, for fear it may blind you.  I will share the ingredients for today's recipe for Happy: first ignore all household chores, take 1 yard sunshine yellow polka dots ($2), cut into 3 1/2 inch squares and mix with vintage precut feedsack prints ($2), chain piece and present simple 9 patch block (priceless).
Serves 1 quilter.   Very Happy! Jessica Pearl

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Writing and Wishing

I am  a Lay Speaker in my church and I am presently writing a message  to deliver this Sunday.  In preparation, I was looking through a Bible that I used in my young Mommy years and I stumbled across this treasure, a church bulletin from 2006.  I was the speaker on this particular Sunday so I guess Emily saw fit to scratch out the Pastor's name and print, 'Mommy'.  So thankful that I never, if ever throw out the tiny momentos that are tucked in Bibles.  I must get back to writing!  Here's wishing that these scrappy stars motivate me to finish this message!  Writing with a prayer and wishing with a Mommy heart, Jessica Pearl

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Market Day without the Downdog

Last week Tyler e-mailed us that he would not mind if we came for a visit on Saturday.  Heck, sounds like an invitation to the Mister and me!  I gathered some stitching for the ride and actually finished an embroidered quilt block on the way.  We took Tyler and his roommate to the Riverside Art Market and out for bar-b-q lunch.  Saturday was yoga festival at market.  I would have loved some yoga on the river but my yoga pants + ME sounded like it could be a recipe for Tyler's embarrassment.  I was more than content and fully inspired by the delightful company and the beautiful sights!  Next year,  I am wearing my yoga pants and packing my mat.  Namaste!  Jessica Pearl

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happily Ever After

These quilt blocks, once orphaned and adopted from the thrift store have been transformed into baby quilts with a wee bit of embroidery.  I think its a happy ending!  Jessica Pearl

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Morning Prayer

From yesterday's celebration of World Communion Sunday to this morning's World News, my prayer remains the same.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Talking Pillows

It's a sewing Saturday morning!  Fabric, ribbon and thrift store bling say, "Happy Fall Ya'll!". Jessica Pearl

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Showing My Booty

Fabric booty, that is from quilt show and day retreat.  It's all about quilting cotton and not the other junk in my trunk!  I purchased a fabric kit  at quilt show to make an ironing board from a t.v. tray.  Believe it or not, this was the simple project that had me coming unglued!  Not fun, but it is done!  I won the pastel fat quarter pack and a pack of novelty prints at our day quilt retreat.  Love these!  Also at quilt show, I ran across a vendor who was closing up shop.  I purchased 1 bag of Tula Pink scraps for one dollar ( I know!), a huge bag of Lizzy House for 5 and one half yard of Anna Marie for 2!  Booty-ful, right?!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, September 29, 2013


This is the last day of selfish sewing week.  However, my last day of selfish sewing was Friday.  I came undone with a project that fought me for completion.  The project won.  I will tackle it when I regain strength and perseverance.  I retreated to embroidering a baby quilt for charity.  Handwork is such a comfort after experiencing bobbin woes and fabric fights!

Yesterday we celebrated the life of a friend who passed last weekend.  Dottie was 89 years old.  Her life was dedicated to the least of us, she fought for social justice and supported the arts throughout her years.  Her example continues to inspire me.  Farewell, selfish sewing.  Farewell, selfless Friend.  Jessica Pearl

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quilt Show and Selfish Sew

Jacksonville Quilt Show today with guild friends.  So many beautiful quilts!  And I had a quick project for selfish sewing day #4.  These autumn themed pillows made from purchased tea towels- eat, drink and be scary!  A lotta show and a little sew make for a fun fall day!  Jessica Pearl

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Selfish Quilt

I sewed this wonky little 'plus' quilt top for me!  Selfish?!  You bet!  'Plus', not many people would want her anyway!  Selfish sewing continues! The minus?  Dinner will be late!  Jessica Pearl

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Selfish Sewing Week

I have been looking forward to this week of selfish sewing!  The concept is to take a little time each day to sew something.  Selfish?  Maybe, but just maybe our homes are happier places when we take time to indulge our sewing bliss!  Today's project is Pinterest inspired.  A thrifted shirt that I purchased last week because I was on a garnet mission.  But guess what?  Otherwise, I really do not like this shirt.  I decided to embellish with a bandana.  This sewing project was quick, done after the school/ work day and before time for dinner preparations.  Now, I LOVE this shirt!  Selfish Sewing, take me away!  Jessica Pearl

Sunday, September 22, 2013

College Game Day Lessons

Lessons from college football :1) Never and we mean never say never! 2) The team you cheer on the field matters far less than the team you cheer with in the stands. 3) Rain ponchos are for sissies, namely, Mom. 4) In life, there's only one team that will always have your back and we spell that team's name, F-A-M-I-L-Y! 5) High fives among loved ones are still the sweetest celebrations. Go Team! From L to R- Tyler, Emily, Austin, John and Jessica Pearl

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Day after Thrifty Thursday

I went in search of Seminole gear at the thrift store today.  I bought a solid garnet shirt for me and a very nice FSU shirt for Emily, tags still on it!  I also found these  Country Stitch Monthly magazines with beautiful and timeless designs.  They were 2.50 an issue back in 1988 and I remember how dear that price seemed.  I was a newlywed with a hubby in grad school!  Today they were 25 cents each and this mom of 3 college kids jumped on them!   I made Emily a bouquet in a thrifted tin for her door, stitched up a Go Noles saying just to make it clear who the home team is at Leslie and Emily's doorstep.  I had a 10 dollar off coupon so I paid a grand total of 52 cents for all of this loot.  Thrifty Garnet and Gold!  Jessica Pearl

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Seminole Mum, Gator Alum

This Thrifty Thursday has me pondering Garnet and Gold.  I am a 1987 graduate of the University of Florida and if you cut me, I just might bleed orange and blue!  Emily, our Seminole Princess has invited the family to the FSU football game Sat. And I need some FSU gear!  I was pretty sure that I could sew something up.  Upon stash assessment, I had 2 strips of FSU print, about 1 inch by 20 inches each.  Yikes!  What could I create with that tiny bit?!  Shoelaces?  Not enough length for that!  And then I spied some black linen leftover from the wonky cross blocks.  I decided to make an infinity scarf, all raw edges because there is not sufficient fabric for even a hem!  I am not too sure about this finished piece!  The good folks in Tally may question my fashion sense but they cannot question my love for our Seminole Princess!  If Emily approves, I guess I may wear this scarf on Sat and if not, we may go shopping, thrift, of course!  Seminole Mum, Jessica Pearl

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wonky in Progress

Our quilt guild had a day retreat today.  I had sent out a guild wide e-mail request for a 8 1/2 " square ruler.  I do not have one and the wonky cross block that I am working on requires it.  I just knew someone in the guild would have one and be kind enough to lend it!  Upon entering the door today, I was greeted with shouts all over the room,  "Hey, Pearl!  I got that ruler for you!".   Suffice it to say, MOST quilters in the Lady of the Lake quilting guild own a 8 1/2 " square ruler AND furthermore, are willing to share with me.  I feel rich beyond measure!  Thank you, dear friends!  I enjoyed laughing, sharing and stitching with you today.  Here are 26 blocks trimmed to 8 1/2 inches.  Wonky in progress!  Jessica Pearl

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thrifty Thursday, Portable Art Issue

I found this wood woven picnic basket yesterday, 2.00.  Decided it needed a liner so I sewed 3 bandanas (thanks, AA!)  Stitched pockets on each end.  I now have space inside and out to carry art supplies- sketchbook, needle, floss, muslin and misc. artsy bits for when the mood strikes!

Also found a vintage poncho, 1.50;  assorted seam binding, .49 and a Relic handbag, 1.50.  Nifty thrifty!  Jessica Pearl