Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Downton's Darlings

Are there any Downton fans visiting here?  I love me some Downton Drama! I am trying to be satisfied as I watch reruns in preparation for the January season opener.  This art to embroider is by April.  I HIGHLY recommend some of April's  Downton character art transfered to a cotton of choice for a little needle love during the repeats.  Your fav character is waiting for purchase and immediate download in her shop.  You can see that I selected the sisters 3 as I am one of 3 sisters myself.  You must pardon Lady Mary, I stitched in a bit of her characteristic stink eye.  We will not say anything about our dearly departed Lady Sybil.  Lady Edith on the other hand is fair game, butter would not melt in her mouth.  Matthew was included in my purchase but given last season's gruesome finale, he remains unstitched.  I would not count Matthew out though.  That dude has had more lives than a cat!  Stitching Downton!  Jessica Pearl


  1. Those are darling embroideries!!! I love some Downton drama too!! Isn't it terrible I can't exactly remember what happened to Matthew. I guess I better rematch and refresh my memory!!!

  2. Oh we love Downton Abbey too!! Can't wait for more :) Love your embroidery! So cute!