Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Writing and Wishing

I am  a Lay Speaker in my church and I am presently writing a message  to deliver this Sunday.  In preparation, I was looking through a Bible that I used in my young Mommy years and I stumbled across this treasure, a church bulletin from 2006.  I was the speaker on this particular Sunday so I guess Emily saw fit to scratch out the Pastor's name and print, 'Mommy'.  So thankful that I never, if ever throw out the tiny momentos that are tucked in Bibles.  I must get back to writing!  Here's wishing that these scrappy stars motivate me to finish this message!  Writing with a prayer and wishing with a Mommy heart, Jessica Pearl


  1. So sweet!! I always love seeing the world through children's eyes; hope you have finished writing your message :)

  2. Ohh that is soo sweet!! What a treasure to definitely keep!!