Sunday, October 13, 2013

Market Day without the Downdog

Last week Tyler e-mailed us that he would not mind if we came for a visit on Saturday.  Heck, sounds like an invitation to the Mister and me!  I gathered some stitching for the ride and actually finished an embroidered quilt block on the way.  We took Tyler and his roommate to the Riverside Art Market and out for bar-b-q lunch.  Saturday was yoga festival at market.  I would have loved some yoga on the river but my yoga pants + ME sounded like it could be a recipe for Tyler's embarrassment.  I was more than content and fully inspired by the delightful company and the beautiful sights!  Next year,  I am wearing my yoga pants and packing my mat.  Namaste!  Jessica Pearl


  1. Sounds like a fun trip!! Your quilt is beautiful!!!

  2. That quilt top is gorgeous!! Sounds like a really fun weekend!

  3. SO glad you got a hand project done while traveling to see your son!! Love the yoga glad you had a great weekend!