Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekend Necessities

The kids are coming home from college today for the weekend, yay!  I am ready!
Gilmore Girls for Em and I-check! 'Cause when Emily is home, Chicks Rule!
  Slice and bake Toll House cookies- check!  Tyler will want to bake for us.
  Favorite groceries for all 3- check!
  Laundry detergent- check!
They will he packing their appetites and their dirty laundry.  Yep, dirty and hungry and I will be thrilled for the sight of them!  Waiting!  Jessica Pearl


  1. Aww, that's awesome and you look well prepared!! Have an awesome weekend watching movies, eating cookies, and doing laundry!!! and sharing some time with your kids :)

  2. Awwhh I love it when my children come home!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. I found my smile growing bigger with each item I read....I too love it when they all come home. It's so fun to feed, laundry, spoil....and then resend them on their way and have a glass of wine! LOL

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  5. Oh my....peanut butter and chocolate combo EVER! Sounds like an awesome weekend.