Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dressing On The Side

Yesterday I met a fellow quilting friend from Weight Watchers Online, Suzy and her husband at my local quilt shop in Lake City, Fl (Fabric Art Shop).  Over lunch, Suzy got me caught up on my other WW quilting friends from around the country!  We ordered unlimited soup and salad.  Before ordering, Suzy turned to ask me if "dressing on the side" was ok.  Of course, Suzy!  For those of you not acquainted with WW, "dressing on the side" is our mantra!  See the darling embroidered sign that Suzy made me for my sewing room? Love it!  Shout out to all my quilting WW buddies for being so sweet and lovable! Looked at the scale this a.m. And I have lost some more weight, yay!  Keeping it on the side!  Jessica Pearl


  1. what a sweet sign your friend made for you!! I am a dressing on the side gal too and yay you for losing weight heading into the holiday season!!!

  2. Cute sewing sign. I always consider homemade gifts as such a treasure. Dressing on the side is a good idea. I however always seem to use it all anyway though haha. Congrats on the weight loss. That is always such a hard thing.

  3. Friends are wonderful......