Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Repurpose Holiday

Decorating with just a touch of Christmas this year.  No tree.  Just a few Christmas quilts, handmade stockings and manger scenes scattered about.  Also repurposing a couple items that used to hold candles.  Mainly because I have a checkered past with smoke alarms.  And our local fire department will be thrilled to know that these items will not he holding open flames this season.  This sconce is holding tea cups with bird seed instead, something for my feathered guests.  And this charming Santa has taken up residence in the sewing room, holding pins and snips.  Although red goes with the season's color story, do not expect to see our fair city's fire engine in our family's drive. Festive and fire safe!  Jessica Pearl


  1. I love, love, love your new bird feeder!!


  2. Ditto what anonymous said...the bird feeder is sooo cute!

  3. Love the teacups filled with birdseed! Soo cute! I would be so totally content with not putting a tree up and just having the manger. However my family frowns at me for that :( haha