Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wonky in Progress

Our quilt guild had a day retreat today.  I had sent out a guild wide e-mail request for a 8 1/2 " square ruler.  I do not have one and the wonky cross block that I am working on requires it.  I just knew someone in the guild would have one and be kind enough to lend it!  Upon entering the door today, I was greeted with shouts all over the room,  "Hey, Pearl!  I got that ruler for you!".   Suffice it to say, MOST quilters in the Lady of the Lake quilting guild own a 8 1/2 " square ruler AND furthermore, are willing to share with me.  I feel rich beyond measure!  Thank you, dear friends!  I enjoyed laughing, sharing and stitching with you today.  Here are 26 blocks trimmed to 8 1/2 inches.  Wonky in progress!  Jessica Pearl


  1. Love those block and your fabric choices. Stopping by from WIP. Thanks for sharing Marie (

  2. Jessica!!! Your blocks are looking GREAT!! Can hardly wait to see it all finished! Sounds like you have a great bunch of ladies to have fun stitching with :)

  3. Love your fabric! I have never made a quilt before and decided I wanted to try to make one. I have chosen some fabric and surprisingly, I'm not sure how I decided but I chose mostly black with lots of reds and pinks added in. I've just started cutting a few squares so have a long way to go. I wanted to finish my chair cover first.