Friday, January 17, 2014

Fat Quarter Central

Work is really impeding the creative process around here!  And if we did not have 3 kids in college, I would be tempted to say the heck with it!  Especially, since my Weight Watcher quilting buddies have been sending me lovely fat quarters in the mail throughout my birthday  month.  Such temptation of the cotton variety!  I am attempting to sew the college kids' pajamas that were not sewn for Christmas in time for Valentine's Day.  Here's hoping for a creative little window to open up to Cupid's aim!  Jessica Pearl


  1. Work can get in the way of things sometimes!! What sweet friends to send you fabric for your birthday and how fun to celebrate all month :) Happy Birthday!!! I hope you get a little sewing time this weekend!!!

  2. Fun mail! I hope you get the stitching done in time :) If not, there is always another holiday. Easter?

  3. What a fun birthday month!! Awesome idea of "happy mail"!!!