Sunday, January 5, 2014

Journal 2014

Last year I kept journals in spiral notebooks which I have decided makes for a storage issue.  For 2014 I am keeping notes and doodle bits in the same weekly planner. I am deriving much joy and encouragement from a daily doodle and spiritual reflection.  Happy New Year, Friends!  Jessica Pearl


  1. fun!! I have done the same thing in the past but didn't do such a great job last year. My calendars are my scrapbook journals so that when i am old and have time to scrap i will pull out my calendars and match the photos to what was happening in our lives at that time.

  2. i started this a year ago using a planner from bluesky....LOVE IT!!! SInce I'm a list's perfect and I've really enjoyed having all my doodles, notes of inspiration right next to my grocery and to-do lists.