Saturday, July 26, 2014


One of my goals for the summer was to draft a pattern.  I have always sewn from store bought patterns and I have never made a muslin.  Well, I drafted a simple tunic pattern using my own measurements (agh!) and I set out to make a muslin.  The muslin is such a great learning experience!  My muslin taught me several things: 
1- I can transfer and sew darts!
2- I do not currently wear darts well!  My first clue should have come from my measurements.  Dimemsions that equal that of a beach ball require no accentuating!  'Nough said! 
3- There is much joy in the process!
4- Even when the product is far less than perfect, a good pressing covers a multitude of sins from fiddley dee seams.
5- Add a big ole homespun pocket to an imperfect muslin dress.  And voila!  Happy house dress!
Always learning!  Jessica Pearl


  1. I always love your vintagey details, great pocket! The rest of it all looks good too.

  2. Way to go Jessica! It feels good to learn and accomplish a good. You get to check off another item on your crafty summer bucket list :) the crewel embroidery on the wall is pretty too!!

  3. Lessons well learned!! "fiddley dee".....that's my mantra!!


  4. Oh you did such a nice job! Really cute! I love house dresses.