Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Finishes

Last Friday I started piecing 2 small I Spy quilts for some Summer Fun.  As I was piecing, the Lord brought my sister in law to my heart while I was sewing at my featherweight.  I prayed for her as I stitched.  Later that day, I learned that she had chemo and a very excellent report from her MD as I had been sewing.  I finished them last night and needless to say, one of these quilts belongs to my sister in law, she rocks!  Praise God!  Jessica Pearl


  1. Those are such sweet little quilts. I know your SIL will love hers. Good news from the DR, too!

  2. Sending prayers for your SIL :) Those quilts look fun. What size are the blocks?

  3. God is great......


    1. Thanks, Gay! Em and I go to Tally tomorrow, 2nd time this week. ;)

  4. Thanks be to God for such wonderful news...He is sooo GOOD! Your minis are too cute. I'm sure your SIL will treasure hers.