Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quilt Journaling

This quilt in progress is a journey of my weight loss thus far,2 & 1/2 years in the making. 25 blocks, 1 block represents 1 pound. I don't really know but I think that I am about halfway into this weight loss journey. Of all the quilts that I have started, this one means the most to me. In it I see scraps of quilt and sewing projects I have made along the way. As well as bits of cross stitch that have little memories attached. So much has happened in the time span since this little picnic quilt began. My eldest has moved to Jacksonville for university and most recently,my twins have graduated from high school. So much change behind me and so much ahead. It is bittersweet. I think that is what quilting is all about, the scraps that make up our lives tell the story. These scraps tell so much of mine, I laugh and I cry at all of the recollections. It is not made for show or the approval of quilt experts, it is simply a journal. And if there is any beauty in it, it is mine to know and cherish. Quilting Life! Jessica Pearl


  1. Hi Jessica. A block for a pound - what a wonderful idea. You must be so proud of your achievement. All the best. Tina

  2. I love the idea of a weight loss quilt, I should definitely think about copying this :)

    Did you know you were a no-reply commenter?

    1. No, I had no idea that I am a no reply commenter. I will have to figure out how to fix that! Thanks!

  3. Hi Jessica! I love what you said, "I think that is what quilting is all about, the scraps that make up our lives tell the story". My youngest just said similar words just a few days ago as I was telling her about the family quilt (a very slow scrappy many trips around the world quilt)that I am working on, she said, "every quilt tells a story mom". I am finding this to be so true as I venture down this road. All the best to you and God Bless you!