Monday, April 14, 2014

Fabric Panels R Me

I am kind of a sucker for fabric panels!  This was confirmed recently at the cutting table of my most favorite quilt shop.  I could be heard saying, "I'll take a panel of this and a panel of that, 2 panels here...". I went panel crazy! Panels make up so quick and fun!  A week later, one panel is already made up into apron.  Let's hear it for panels!
'Bee'ing Social but not running with scissors in hand!  Jessica Pearl


  1. Yay for panels!! What is that divine fabric on the bottom-right-hand-side of the bottom pic please?

  2. I never know what to do with a panel...thanks for the inspiration.

  3. The apron is adorable! I've only used a panel once to make a taggie like binky for one of my nephews. It was a Veggie Tales book panel. Like Serena, I too want to know what that fabric is and what are you gonna do with it?? :)

    1. That fabric is 'sweet life' for Blend. The panel has 3 different images and I want to use them in a wrap around skirt pattern in Betz White's Craftsy class. The pattern calls for several different fabric panels so I would pull other fabrics to complete the skirt.

  4. I love the apron, and your collection of panels.