Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tea in the Garden

This circular garden template was a stitch along sampler from long ago at &stitches.  Even though I was late to the party, I printed the template and stitched some foliage, very freeform.  I do much better tending a stitchy garden as opposed to a real one!  Plus you don't have springtime jonquils blooming next to winter roses in a real garden!
After touring the garden, I would like to invite you for tea!  This tea pot block is Quiet Play's paper pieced block of the month. This particular stitch along is not late!  Late or not, dear friends, you are always welcome in my garden for tea!  Jessica Pearl


  1. Such a pretty garden and I love the stamping too!! Your tea pot is perfect; I love the lemons on the table!!

  2. Such a fun blog you have. I like that your posts are short and sweet. I tend to blather on and on.

  3. The embroidery is so pretty! I love the lemons on the tea pot block. Clever!

  4. Always a pleasure to come see how your garden is growing. And to stop for a little refreshment! That little bee is just the sweetest. Much more so than the lemons! Lol!