Thursday, August 8, 2013

A General Mystery to Sew

My sister visited The French General Shop in LA and brought me back this lovely bag o' scraps from the French General Moda line.  Lucky me! Oh, little bits what do you want to be when you sew up?!  It's a General mystery!
My 3 children are all college bound this month.  I am having time flashes.  My daughter purchased a Fleetwood Mac CD out of the bargain bin and it is playing as we pack.  I believe that this album was the soundtrack to my move to UF some decades ago. As Stevie sings, "I've been afraid of changing  cause I built my life around you."  The song I've known so long is getting more real by the moment.  Like  beautiful scraps, my heart will sew up some day. Jessica Pearl


  1. Awesome. I love French General. Enjoy these moments with your daughter. Does that mean you get to expand your sewing space?

    1. My family might argue that the entire house is already my sewing space!