Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Joy with Wings

I am still not sure how we got here or how the time past but our 3 babes have grown into adults.  Wonderful adults whom I respect and admire.  Tyler, the eldest to be 22 later this month, so kind and caring. He will embark on his senior year of college next week @ UNF.  Our twins, Emily and Austin, the dynamic duo are soon to be parted.  We will move Emily to her new college digs in Tallahassee on Saturday.  Emily is so independent and confident.  She is ready for the world. So world, get ready!  Austin will commute to a local community college.  I am so thankful that our nest will not be completely empty!  Austin is so tender hearted and funny, my cheerleader.  How bittersweet that the joys of my heart should sprout wings and fly.  There are tears in my eyes as my heart soars with them!  Jessica Pearl

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