Saturday, August 10, 2013

Scrap Storage a la Pearl

Karen @ Quilty Creations is hunting scrap storage pointers.  Not that Karen needs them, she has got her stash tamed and fabulous!  And not that I have my fabric bits as they should be, but here I go none the less!  I keep fabric larger than 1/2 yard in a China cabinet with glass doors, by color.  Fat quarters are folded and stored in open Clementine produce crates that I tie with ribbon to signify color groups contained therein.  Scraps, ah scraps! Bits smaller than a fat quarter are assigned to a scrappy quilt in progress, of which there are no shortage around here!  Each scrappy WIP has its own container.  Could be a large stock pot that I seldom use or Grandmother's cookie jar or a pillowcase. Whatever the case, the quilt pattern and scraps assigned to that project are together in various containers that people will continue to find, long after I am gone.  I will die but my scraps will live forever!  Viva la scraps!  Jessica Pearl


  1. Thanks for linking up Jessica! I love the idea of using an old stock pot or cookie jar! I love the little cross stitches in your quilt there, so cute! :-)

  2. I have no scraps, but have many, many UFO's packed with patterns and fabrics in labeled CLEAR plastic boxes as I am an "out of sight out of mind" sort of gal.... I have to be able to see inside the boxes. AND I'm sure some of them will still be around after I'm gone....